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… to the Baumkuchen-shop of the Salzwedeler Baumkuchenbetriebe.

Due to its unique taste the Salzwedeler Baumkuchen never lost its popularity over the centuries. The secret of the extraordinary tender delight lies in the laborious preparation.

The Salzwedeler Baumkuchen is exclusively produced by hand with much dedication and handed down craftsmanship. Therefore we have our own strictest quality standards:”Only the best ingredients for our Baumkuchen!” See for yourself the unique quality and make yourself and your loved ones a gift of a special kind.


Chocolate coating Sugar icing Half & half White chocolate
Whole milk Baumkuchen bits Greetingcards

(1 or 2 rings)
Gift box
(1 ring)
Gift box
(2 rings)
Gift box
(3 rings)

The ingredients of a good Baumkuchen are always butter, sugar, flour and real eggs. The dough is applied first in a fine layer upon a roller which is slowly and regularly rotating over an open fire. Once the first layer has been baked, the next layer is applied and baked. This process is repeated several times. All layers are applied manually. During this process, the typical irregular and wild rings are formed. These wild rings show the elaborate handiwork, indicate highest quality and make each Baumkuchen unique.

Finest ingredients – Best craftsmanship